The woman that I am today came to be only because of the brutal circumstances that I was faced with. I once worked with my best friend, and the only reason I befriended him was that I was so intrigued by his energy and people skills. That’s where I was born, from the insatiable hunger to be the person everyone loves. I wanted to be that person to prove my parents wrong.  I wanted to prove to my teachers and the kids at school, to everyone who knew me only as the negative, constant complainer. I knew that I was more than just that! I could see it. I could envision myself as this woman- exactly a year and a half ago.


Want to learn how to be a hungry, driven, independent woman? Become a leech and attach yourself to people you want to be like. I was 16 years old, working in a fine dining restaurant when I befriended and attached myself to Michael.  I was drawn to him. I wanted to be that happy, have that much energy,  and lure people in with just the simple skill of communication.  I spent every waking hour with him, watching, staring, and trying to comprehend how he was doing it.


“When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.”


Michael took me under his wing and taught me what he knew, as well as forcing me to listen to the incredible Zig Ziglar (which I later thanked him for). He became my best friend for a year, and after the lesson was taught he abruptly moved 1500 miles away.


However, the seed was planted! From then on, I was completely on my own, since I had fallen off the face of the planet getting there.  I felt like a lone wolf after being completely dependent on Michael and then watching him leave me all on my own.  Along with reading as many self-help books as I possibly could, I taught myself to be independent and stand on my own. I was already in too deep and I I knew too much at this point.  Going forward was all I could do.


That year I spent every waking hour alone either reading, studying, listening to podcasts, or researching how successful people were doing it. I was in awe of myself. I was taking simple principles from books I was reading, applying them, and seeing results that seemed unreal!! From a place of uncertainty, came a young woman with the hunger that brought her to places and people that she never believed she would encounter.


It was from here on that  I decided I had to master myself.  I knew it was a must because I was watching too many people walk around like zombies. I knew the secret. Others started to notice that I knew these secrets, random strangers in fact.  One such astounded stranger said to me one day, “Start a blog.”. My journey began, truly began here.


I set up my blog, Thank Goodness It’s My Life, in which I documented my journey through personal growth. It wasn’t much, just an outlet to get my thoughts out after reading inspiring books or having amazing conversations. Thank Goodness It’s My Life gave me the courage to do something else that my heart longed for, travel.


This blog helped me to create unbelievable confidence and courage. I spent 5 months spontaneously traveling. I would work for a month and leave the next day. Traveling solo was a great way to practice the principles I was cultivating and it opened my eyes up to a new kind of people.


The woman that I was becoming, I took her with me to speaking events and conferences. I had a deep desire and drive to break the cycle of a broken family, Depression,  bipolar disorders, and alcoholism forced me to grow up quickly and to create the life I wanted now. I knew who I was. I knew all along, but I had to make the decision to feel the pain of staying where I was or feel the pain of growth.