What a gift it was to have the opportunity to chat with the truly remarkable, Laina Moore. I invite you all to listen in to this next episode of the Girls 4 Greatness podcast as Laina shares her incredible story of resiliency in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances. 

Upon his birth, Laina learned that her son was born with right-ear microtia atresia and Congenital Heart Disease. He has since been diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome and Scoliosis as well. In our conversation Laina talks about the struggle it has been to raise a son with the difficult medical conditions he has. 

More importantly though, she shares how she is raising awareness and being a light to so many who are finding themselves in similar circumstances. 

Laina is choosing to find the joy in the chaos, and as we all are faced with so much of our own chaos these days, we can learn so much from Laina’s powerful example. I have no doubt that you will be inspired to use your own power to choose the positive and to choose to truly LIVE in the hard rather than die in it. 

Be sure to check out Laina’s beautiful blog at https://www.storyofmoore.com/, and also be sure to connect with Laina over on Instagram under @storyofmoore.

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