Today I have the extreme pleasure of sitting down with someone who totally speaks my language when it comes to wanting to empower and impact other women to live their very best life.  Jenni Hulburt has a degree in Exercise Science and a masters degree in Sports Psychology. She is also the founder of Wild Wellness and is a doTerra Diamond Wellness Advocate. Jenni blends her expertise in all of these fields to teach others how to train a healthy body and mind through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and online programs. Jenni is also the host of her very own podcast entitled, Wild Wellness.

Please listen in as Jenni and I talk about all it has taken for her to personally live out her message of, “when wild women wake, mountains will move,” as well as how she is using that message to profoundly impact others. Jenni and I dive into how we can learn to take on the inner critic inside all of us. We discuss how so much of that just entails us being more in tune with what is going on inside our own body and mind. I have no doubt that this episode will encourage you to tune into what Jenni calls your, “wise woman voice,” a whole lot more.

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