I am so excited for you all to hear from this truly remarkable woman. Delane’s story is one of great power, resiliency, and heroism. Please listen in as Delane tells us how she has turned her own traumatic past into something inspirational that has allowed so many others to embrace their own journey towards healing. Delane’s empowering story reminds us all of the goodness that flows from our lives when we choose to end the role of victim and instead choose to focus on what we ourselves can control.

Delane is an extremely talented jewelry designer and goldsmith. She connects with each of her clients through curiosity and interest in telling their own story through jewelry. This ensures that each piece she designs is unique to the wearer. Since 2015, Delane has taken her talents as a storyteller through jewelry to telling stories of survivors of childhood sexual abuse (also known as CSA), and that is how her Lotus Hero Project was born.

Inspired by the lotus flower, a Lotus Hero is an individual who has faced the difficult circumstances of CSA and yet has been able to learn, persevere, and grow to become the individual who overcomes adversity. A Lotus Hero blossoms with grace and is able to inspire others to come into their own.

Delane has been the President of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada and Managing Director for the Toronto International Jewellery Festival. She currently serves on the board for the Toronto Arts Therapy Institute in Toronto, Canada. She is a strong believer in the power of art therapy and its ability to provide a healthy vehicle to express oneself along their journey of healing.

If you would like to get in touch with Delane or hear more about her Lotus Hero Project you can find her on Instagram under @delanecooper and under @lotusheroproject. On Facebook Delane can be found @delanejewellery and @lotusheroproject. She can also be found on Twitter under @delanecooper and @lotusheroproj.

Delane’s newly released Book, Letters to Eli: My Story, the Story of Many, can be purchased by following the links below. can be purchased on Amazon

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