If you are a mom, particularly a mom to girls, then you want to be sure to tune into this powerful podcast all about growing strong girls!!

In this episode, I chat with Lindsay Sealey,  a passionate girl advocate with extensive public speaking experience. Lindsay has worked in consulting, curriculum development, and special education for over 15 years!  Lindsay also happens to be the author of a truly fantastic book, Growing Strong Girls, and she is also going to be soon releasing her second book entitled,  Rooted, Resilient and Ready. Lindsay is the founder and CEO of Bold New Girls, as well. Bold New Girls is an online community that empowers girls to live a more confident, joy-filled life.  

I invite you to listen in as Lindsay and I chat about what led her to branch off on her own and choose to empower girls in her own unique way. We also talk about what a strong girl really is and how we can be parents who encourage our children to live in their strength. 

This podcast definitely has some parenting themes, but the beautiful wisdom Lindsay shares apply to ALL of us as women. I have no doubt that this episode will inspire you to own your self-worth and your own amazing strength and greatness! Please be sure to head to BoldNewGirls.com for all the info on how to check out Lindsay’s books and her Bold New Girls programs. You can purchase Lindsay’s book, Growing Strong Girls, by heading to amazon.ca and amazon.com. You can also listen to the book over on audible.ca.  You can find and connect with Lindsay on Instagram under @boldnewgirls.

You can tune in using the links below:

iTunes: https://girls4greatness.com/iTunes

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