This week on Girls 4 Greatness I have the great pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Davoust, a self-help specialist who focuses in on life coaching and hypnotherapy. Jennifer is also the creator of Embodied Empath and is the host of her own podcast entitled, Tune Into You Meditation Podcast. Jennifer is a co-author of the newly released book, Activate Your Life, as well.

In our interview together Jennifer explains what she has had to endure and overcome as a childhood victim of emotional abuse. She also shares her profound wisdom on the topic of meditation and the power behind tuning into our higher self and our own intuition. I have no doubt that you will be inspired by Jennifer’s passion to enable others to tune more into the present moment and to also develop more self-love.

Please be sure to connect with Jennifer on Instagram under @jenniferdavoust  or on Facebook under Jennifer Davoust and under the Tune Into You Meditation Podcast page. You can also connect with Jennifer on her website, And please be sure to check Jennifer’s powerful meditation podcast over on iTunes,

Also, be sure to head on over to Amazon where you can find her newly released book, Activate Your Life.

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