This week on Girls 4 Greatness I am interviewing a dear friend and total go-getter, Antonia Smudge Swann. Popularly known as Smudgie, this amazing woman is on a mission to create a “happy wave” and to do all she can to spread joy to others through her music and writing.

Smudgie is a singer-songwriter from Toronto Canada with a truly beautiful story of triumph over tragedy and great loss. Her music has been signed to multiple libraries and has been played on Major League and European TV networks.  Smudgie’s music has also been played across America’s sports arenas reaching millions of fans. Smudge has played live in Nashville at the Blue Bird Cafe and in London England. She also plays in her hometown of Toronto where she won the Freetime’s Cafe Best of the Open Mic Award. Her unique sound has been compared to a wide range of artists from Toni Mitchell to Blondie to Cat Power. Smudge is currently working on her 4th studio album with Attitude Productions, as well as on a memoir about her very own mother.

Smudgie is an incredible example of someone who did not let an extremely difficult turn of events ruin the rest of their life, but rather she demonstrates what is possible when we embrace courage and resiliency.

If you would like to connect with Smudge be sure to check out her music website, You can also drop her an email at You can find her on Instagram under @smudgiesmudgie.

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